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Liquid nitrogen experiments - easy science projects for kids Liquid nitrogen experiments How to crystallize a real rose Is it possible to drive a nail with a banana How to spin a ping-pong ball very quickly How to produce a lot of secure fog And where is this gas used We will answer these and other questions together with the children during our scientific show - Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream MIlkshakes - Buzzed Bull Creamery

Shop liquid nitrogen valves at incredible prices through our valve store ValveMan has been the authority in liquid nitrogen valves for over 50 years

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Liquid nitrogen visibly vaporizes when released at room temperature and cools over anything it touches Liquid nitrogen ice cream might be the new dessert trend to captivate our attention Liquid nitrogen is a do not try this at home item because nitrogen can only be kept in the liquid physical state at dangerously low temperatures

Dragon s Breath Liquid Nitrogen Puffs - Where to Find It

Cryogenic Valves Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include cryogenic ss pressure reducing valve cryogenic stainless steel relief valve and …

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Dangerous desserts with liquid nitrogen

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Place a slightly used racquetball into a dewar of liquid nitrogen After a couple of minutes take the racquetball out of the dewar using clamps Making sure to wear gloves and goggles both of which are provided and throw the ball at the floor

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Liquid nitrogen-infused Dragon s Breath cereal balls are the latest outlandish food trend San Antonians are signing up for After popping a cereal ball into your mouth a liquid nitrogen fog

Liquid Nitrogen-Infused Desserts - YouTube

Oct 09 2012· Liquid nitrogen also has a large expansion ratio on evaporation - one litre of liquid nitrogen can result in about 700 litres of gas - so only a relatively small volume of liquid nitrogen …


There are many different techniques used to perform cleaning on valves to be used in nitrogen service The appropriate methods are chosen based on the valve material geometry and intended application of the valve Nitrogen is commonly stored and transported and sometimes used in liquid …

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Feb 19 2017· Eating Liquid Nitrogen Candy Taras Kul Loading Unsubscribe from Taras Kul FROZEN LIQUID NITROGEN ICE CREAM DRAGON BREATH BALLS - Duration 8 25 KC Connection 1 343 954 views

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Oct 30 2017· Liquid nitrogen is what s used by dermatologists to burn things off skin so we know it can be destructive to tissue In India a cocktail containing liquid nitrogen that was consumed

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Dragon s Breath is a frozen dessert made from cereal dipped in liquid nitrogen When placed in the eater s mouth it produces vapors which comes out of the nose and mouth giving the dessert its name Description Dragon s Breath is made using colorful cereal balls described as having a flavor similar to Froot Loops The cereal is dipped in liquid nitrogen and served in a cup

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Buzzed Bull Creamery harnesses the power of liquid nitrogen to bring you and your family fresh premium ice creams and milkshakes while offering a a one-of-a-kind-experience We hand-craft each ice cream and milkshake to provide a fully customized option We are making ice cream fun for everyone

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Some canned beers are pressurized by adding liquid nitrogen which vaporises and expands in volume after the can is sealed forcing gas and beer into the widget s hollow interior through a tiny hole—the less beer the better for subsequent head quality In addition some nitrogen dissolves in the beer which also contains dissolved carbon dioxide

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Apr 06 2017· In this exclusive deleted scene from the motion picture McCartney s Genes Alex Hays visits the fertility doctor and experiences shrinkage due to the icy cold gel applied by the doctor

3 Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Places to Try in NYC

And the first thing that popped into my head was I wonder what would happen if we were to put this in liquid nitrogen Now that s one thing I really love about science If you have a question you can sometimes do an experiment to find out what the answer is Here at the Lab we have a lot of liquid nitrogen so that s not a problem

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Liquid nitrogen is a diatomic liquid which means that the diatomic character of the covalent N bonding in N 2 gas is retained after liquefaction The temperature of liquid nitrogen can readily be reduced to its freezing point 63 K −210 °C −346 °F by placing it in a vacuum chamber pumped by a vacuum pump

Liquid Nitrogen Dragon s Breath Cereal A Dangerous Fad

Oct 16 2019· If you want to make a liquid nitrogen substitute you ll need 99 isopropyl alcohol a 2-liter bottle a smaller bottle and pellets of dry ice Cut the tops off both bottles poke holes in the bottom of the smaller bottle then put the smaller bottle inside the larger one

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Process Ball Valve Vent Options 3 Internal Ball Vents—2-Way Valves Purpose The internal vent equalizes pressure in the ball and body to that of the system protecting the valve from temperature-induced overpressurization The ball contains a vent passage that intersects the ball orifice at a 90° angle There are no external vent ports


Using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream is nothing new Science teachers have been making instant ice cream much to the delight of their students for years because they love the sounds of ooohs ahhhs that naturally follow this amazing feat But making liquid nitrogen ice cream or Nice

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Oct 27 2013· What happens if you take a giant Koosh ball and pour liquid nitrogen all over it Fortunately a physics lab sponsored by the U S Department of Energy I m …

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A ball is usually bouncy but when placed in this very cold liquid called liquid nitrogen the ball freezes and can no longer bounce When you place an inflated balloon into the liquid nitrogen then air inside the balloon gets colder and cannot move as fast

Liquid nitrogen experiments - science experiments

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Jun 28 2012· They also needed to control the amount of nitrogen going into the tank The valve required -320 degree F nitrogen going through it while controlling the amount of the liquid ValveMan suggested a one of our premium actuated cryogenic valves with Kel-F seats a full port ball for low pressure drop and a pneumatic actuator The customer wanted

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Aug 21 2018· Liquid nitrogen is pretty easy to come by and the use of it in food and medicine has become pretty standard So when we see a dragon puffs stand at the county fair and we ve got $5 burning a hole in our pocket a lot of us just shrug and say something like welp I ll try anything once and start puffing away on those cereal-cicles

Eating Liquid Nitrogen Candy - YouTube

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Thus the sample is embrittled and volatile components are preserved The liquid nitrogen circulates through the system and is continually replenished from an Autofill system in the exact amount which is required to keep the temperature at -196 °C Powerful impact ball milling results in …

Liquid nitrogen-infused cereal balls are the latest food

Apr 21 2017· Crescendo Ice Cream in LA serves this unique frozen dessert They re infused with liquid nitrogen so you breathe smoke like a dragon when you eat them The INSIDER team believes that life is an

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Apr 01 2017· video making liquid nitrogen puffs Dragon s Breath was originally invented and served at minibar by José Andrés in 2008 After Andrés stopped serving it at his LA restaurant The Bazaar in 2009 it spread throughout Taiwan Korea and the Philippines over the following years